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  • Cough/cold
  • Pink eye
  • Stuffy nose
  • Ear ache
  • Rashes
  • Light fever
  • Sports physicals

How Nightingale Works

Call us: when you or a family member gets sick
Triage: we'll take your symptoms over the phone
Schedule: you'll get a same-day appointment time
Visit: a healthcare professional will treat you where you are
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Be seen today, feel better today $50 for everything we can treat
Only available in Ohio

Simple prices. $50 for an in-home visit to treat:

Pink eye
Stuffy nose
Ear ache
Rash, poision ivy, minor burn
Light fever
Not sick? we also do school, work, and sports physicals

Insurance Accepted

About Us

Let me tell you about last flu season. I met my wife at the local urgent care. She brought the three kids, all under the age of four. Having three young children is like living with wild animals. They get into everything, and they DON'T listen to your instructions, precautions, or life-saving dictates. So the five of us are in the waiting room, I'm coloring with my daughter, and my wife is holding the youngest, when the triage nurse opens the door to call back the next patient (not us). Out of the corner of my eye I see my son get that look on his face, and dash for the slowly closing door left behind by the nurse and patient.

He's small so he managed to slip through, but I wasn't able get to the door in time. So now he's running on the other side of the door and from the small rectangle window in the door I can see him look back and me with a face that says "you can't catch me" right before he turns and darts into an exam room. No sooner has he turned the corner, than a I hear a loud metallic crash come from the exam room.

This is where Nightingale was born, out of frustration and that skin-crawl you feel anytime you touch a disease covered surface (all of them) at the doctor's office.

I met Audra through the Ohio State University's Director of Innovation. She's one of the smartest and most compassionate people I've met. She, and other nurse practitioners like her, are part of a changing world where highly qualified nurses are trained to deliver much of the care that a doctor would, but using the more compassionate nursing methodology. (learn more about nurse practitioners here)

When I learned about these changes in healthcare I knew this is what I wanted for my family, in our home.

Back to my son...

By this point the clerk at the front desk has managed to mobilize herself, and has let me out of the waiting room to retrieve my son. So we run back to the exam room where all the noise came from, and there's my son, arms and legs tangled up in the foot stirrups of a gynecology exam bench. He's fine, the noise was just the empty trash can he knocked over on the way in.

I guess the office staff decided to take pity on us, because they let me stay in that exam room until it was our turn to be seen.


Mark & Audra , Co-founders of Nightingale