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What's a collaborating physician?

Because we believe that physicians can make a bigger impact than just the patients they personally see, we ask that our collaborating physicians conduct occasional education sessions for the nurse practitioners. These are 15~20 minute conference calls where the collaborating physician reviews a few charts with a group of nurses, and shares their advice with the team.

To be a collaborating physician you need to be available via electronic means to collaborate with a nurse practitioner, when/if the nurse feels they need additional clinical judgement when treating a patient. Since Nightingale focuses on patients with low-acuity symptoms, it's very rare for a Nightingale nurse to need collaboration. When collaboration is needed, it usually takes less than fifteen minutes.

Collaborating physicians are paid for the collaboration and education sessions they lead.

Get $100~$200 for each 15 minute education session you lead

We can guarantee you at least one per quarter, and wont ask for more than four.

How do I collaborate?

Just email us to get started

We don't waste your time with paperwork. Simply send us an email and we can get started.

To be a collaborating physician, you just need to meet these qualifications:

  • Licensed to practice medicine in the state of Ohio.
  • Specialized in family medicine, internal medicine, emergency care, or pediatrics.
  • Currently in a collaboration with less than 5 nurse practitioners.
  • Passionate about sharing your knowledge!

Does this sound like you? Send an email to  with the subject "I'd like to collaborate"

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this go on my malpractice insurance? Am I liable if a nurse makes a mistake?
We will provide professionial liability coverage for you. Our policy is on a occurance basis, so you can be confident that you won't be putting yourself at risk.
Will I be on-call 24/7?
Nope! You set the hours you'll be available for consult. This simply means being accessible by phone in the rare event that a nurse would need to contact you. We fit the nurse's' schedule to your availability.
I want more than 4 sessions in a quarter? Can I do more?
Yes! If you'd like to take on more sessions, we can set that up.
Do I have to be physically present to collaborate?
No, in fact you can't be! All Nightingale sessions are conducted remotely either by email, or by phone call.
How often will I see patients?
Collaborating physicians never see patients. Your role as a consultant is to educate the nurses and provide guidance as requested.
Do the nurses prescribe controlled substances?
Nightingale nurses use a very restricted formulary: No controlled substances, no pseudoephedrine, and only drugs that are appropriate for low acuity symptoms in otherwise healthy patients. Any patient that requires a more complex medication therapy or who is unresponsive to initial treatment is directed to their primary care provider or urgent care services for further follow up care.
Do the nurses change current medications?
No changes are made to a patient's current medications. Nightingale is not a replacement for the proper management of chronic conditions by a patient's primary physician!

Get started by emailing with the subject "I'd like to collaborate"